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We value our patients' experience at Ogata Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Ty Ogata
Your Boise Chiropractor

After two days of having Dr. Ogata work on my feet and back I'm feeling like a younger athlete! Can't wait to feel what ten sessions will be like! - Alex G.

My pain is completely gone after two treatments...simply amazing! Dr. Ogata told me what was wrong and fixed it. Never will go to anyone else again. - Brett W.

Due to Dr. Ogata's excellent care I was returned from a state of being unable to find any position free of pain-completely unable to move to a healthy, normal, pain-free existence. All this is in less than a month. I am extremely impressed with the quality of his care and would refer anyone to see him as well! - Amy O.

I brought my eight week old baby Grayson to Dr. Ogata for treatment on his neck. He completely favored his right side and after a couple treatments there was a huge improvement in the way he held his head. I am so grateful to Dr. Ogata for his help improving Grayson's health and now is such a happy baby. - Amber J.

I feared that I would never be able to run again but thanks to Dr. Ogata I have my life back and am running again. I just ran 17 miles last weekend training for a marathon and felt great. Thank you so much Dr. Ogata! - Amy S.

I had headaches every day and just thought I had terrible sinusitis. I came in for  treatments on my back and neck and not only did my back get better but after the second week...no headaches either-not one!! - Stacy C.

I have lupus and my joints hurt all the time and I had shooting pain in my arms. Since coming to see Dr. Ogata I have been able to start exercising again and no longer have pain...so much better! Alicia H.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I had screaming headaches, spears in my ribcage and came simpering to Dr. Ogata. I now have no pain and want to thank you Dr. Ogata. You have an incredible gift and I gladly say goodbye to these malices. Keep up the great work!! - Linda S.

My back had stiffened so badly I was having pain and difficulty walking. Thanks to Dr. Ogata I am now playing golf again. I can not believe how much range of motion I have regained...I can live again. Rick S.

 Dr. Ogata has helped me trememdously! My neck, back and headaches have virtually gone away. I am healthier and have so much more energy. Thanks. - Elfreda H.

After five visits I can see a great improvement in my neck range of motion...I can't believe how bad it was before! AJ J.

When I can not stand to do my baking I need help! Dr. Ogata did wonders for my back!! - Anna L.

What more can I say than thank you Dr. Ogata. I am back to feeling 100% - I am 100% better. When your back has problems, life hurts! Thanks to chiropractic and Dr. Ogata for health in retirement! - Bob L.

Before coming for chiropractic care I was always sore and had developed a twitch in my neck. It has been over a year and I've gone from three sessions a week to one every two weeks and I feel amazing. Thanks to Dr. Ogata and chiropractic. - Logan N.

Since coming to see Ty Ogata, my back and neck pain have greatly improved along with my flexibility. The office staff always makes me feel welcome and special and i always feel great when I leave! - Kathryn M.

My daughter Jenna, age 5, was having a problem with bed weeting at night. After just one adjustment we saw remarkable improvement and within a few weeks the problem was gone. - K.R.

It's finally not a chore to move and sleep. My back muscle tension is considerably better and my dreams of running a marathon are once again a possibility. Thank you for your committment and positive outlook to my health and well being. - Kristina L.

When I came in I had a lot of stiffness and soreness in my neck and upper back. Through chiropractic, the discomfort I felt has been aleviated. Thanks to Dr. Ogata and his staff I'm close to being completely back to normal and I 'm sure with my continued treatments will be 100% in no time! - Nick B.

After I injured my back I couldn't sit down for more then 30 minutes without pain. I couldn't play on the floor with my children or even pick them up. After about a month of seeing Dr. Ogata I was able to do all of these things and more. - William P.

Since I have seeing Dr. Ogata, most of the stiffness in my neck and shoulders have gone away along with my frequent headaches. My mind feels much clearer and my body more centered. Thanks Dr. Ogata! - Shirley G.

Dr. Ogata you're great! I'm feeling so great and my back is totally working with me. Thanks! - Aleesa W.

Dr. Ogata you're way cool! Thanks so much. - Kim

I was having so much trouble with a head injury I had 7 1/2 years ago. I had no Dr. that could help me. I started seeing Dr. Ogata and now I am doing so much better everyday my double vision is getting clearer and my body is working together better than ever. - Sharon H.

Thank you so much for all the ways you'be helped. I can finally breath without pain. I stand all day long and i hnave never really known a day without back pain till now. Everyday is a wonderful pain free day thanks to Dr. Ogata. Thanks again for all you do and have done! - Amy R.

I sleep so much better and I am actually running again! - Dave S.

For years I have been looking for relief of the pain in my neck and low back. I had always been skeptical about chiropractic but then I met Dr. Ogata and was surprised to learn about his holistic approach. I decided to give it a try. That choice has made all the difference in my life. My pain is almost gone and my quality of life is surpassing my expectations. THANK YOU OGATA CHIROPRACTIC! - Ron M.

I have been a patient for 9 months and with the help of Dr. Ogata I am now able to get back out on the golf course and swing the clubs. I feel much better than I have for a long time. Anytime I need an adjustment this is the place for me. - Nick S.

I can't say enough about Ty and his treatments. I thought I had arthritis and had just accepted that I would always be in pain, and maybe someday not to be able to move normally. He has been a God send. I no longer have the constant pain and am able to move much easier. I would recommend his service to anyone who is suffering with back, neck or joint pain. - Elana P.

For the past three months I have seen many doctors for a chest pain that non have found anything for but after a few month's with Ogata I have steadily felt better for the first time this year. Thanks to all at Ogata Chiropractic! - Trevor T.

Ty has been great! i drive two hours, one way to have Dr. Ogata adjust my lower back. He has been so flexible with me changing my shceduled appointments. I feel so wonderful and I am actually playing volleyball again! - Paula K.

I feel great! I don't hurt when I wake up in the night or morning. I will definitely continue to visit regularly. I love feeling this good...no more kinks or even colds! - Linda L.

Came in feeling extreme pain and after seeing Dr. Ogata I feel fabulous. He's phenomenal! Thank you so much! - Marla R.

As a singer I depend on my body to be my instrument much as an athelete does. Working with Dr. Ogata has made such a difference. On my last opera role, my voice was so much easier to manage due to the physical improvements after my chiropractic adjustment. I sang smoothly and effortlessly and got great reviews. Thank you so much! - Leslie M.

Earlier this year I was playing beach volleyball and dove for a ball and heard a loud pop in my rib cage. After coming to see Dr. Ogata for a short while he has fixed my rib completely. I am now on a maintenance schedule and feel better that I did even before I got injured. Thanks for all your help and encouragement! - Nicholas H.

Before Dr. Ogata started working on my back, I was unable to stand long enough to finish one sink of dishes. Since he's been working on my back, the pain has been steadily getting better. I can now do dishes, go shopping and generally just feel better. - Judy R.

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After two days of having Dr. Ogata work on my feet and back I'm feeling like a younger athlete! Can't wait to feel what ten sessions will be like!

Alex G.
Alex G.

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